Skunk in the house!

Skunk in the house! There watching American Idol and suddenly a skunk darts out from behind the TV. and runs across the room! there son left the back door open again! Well, they learned the hard way on what not to do! You probably should not panic and yell and scream at the skunk and tell it to leave your home! evidently skunks don’t listen very well! You probably should not try to hit the skunk with a swifter!, they may work real well for dust, but not so well for a skunk! Once you have the Skunk cornered in the master bedroom closet you should make sure you close your mouth when you try to place the plastic trash bag over the skunk to carry him outside!

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Summer Vacation

For means of travel:

  • Renting a car? The declarations page should state whether the coverage and deductibles one has on his/her own car applies to a rental vehicle. If it does not, consider buying the rental car insurance coverage offered by the agency.
  • Own a boat or a jet ski? For a personal watercraft, it is wise to purchase insurance coverage that includes bodily injury, property damage, liability and theft. If renting any type of watercraft, be sure to ask what type of insurance coverage the owner or operator has